CNARC T-Hunt Participants

All amateurs are invited to participate in the CNARC T-Hunt. Participation takes place from any of three perspectives: the fox (hider), the hunters, and ride-alongs. If you have not hunted before, or even if you have but enjoy the activity from the "navigator" seat, then feel free to meet the hunters at the starting point and ride along with one of them. This is a perfect introduction to the activity. Although "ride along" sounds passive, you will quickly become involved in the hunt itself, either twisting the antenna, manning the map and compass, or providing knowledge about the area that may sway the hunt in the hunter's favor!

While many hunters have come and gone, there are four that currently hunt regularly: Perry Locke, AE6GQ, Joe Magaditsch, KO6XB, Norm Musselman, KN6CV, and Fred Roberts, W6TKV. Feel free to approach any of them and ask about what equipment you will need to get started, and where you can get it. Much of the equipment is home brewed or picked up at local electronics swap-meets. While one can spend as much money as one wants on fancy equipment, it does not take a great outlay to become actively involved.

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