CNARC T-Hunt Rules

The T-Hunting rules are pretty simple. The hider of the transmitter is allowed to change the rules for a particular hunt as long as all hunters are aware of, understand, and agree to the rule change.
  • The Hiddent Transmitter.
    • The hunt frequency is 2M FM on 146.565 mHz.
    • The signal must be detectable at the starting point. (Signal strength is not an issue).
    • The signal is continuous, not intermittent.
    • The t-hunt signal must be vertically polarized.

  • Hiding the transmitter.
    • The transmitter must be hidden only where the public is allowed to go. (No hiding on private property or private roads.)
    • The transmitter does not have to be hidden in or near the hider's car
    • In the spirit of fairness, the transmitter should be hidden in a location accessible to all hunters.

  • Hunters
    • The winner is the hunter that locates the transmitter with the lowest mileage from he starting point.
    • A hunter's car must be within 50 feet of the hider's car (not the transmitter) before determining their mileage.
    • Any kind of antenna (yagis, quads, loops, dopplers) is allowed as long as it does not involve outside help
    • No matter how "close" a hunter gets the the hidden transmitter, they have not "found" it until the have positively located it. (Although one can "give up" for the sake of time!)

Above all, drive safely, and have a great hunt!

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